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MacDonald’s great attempt July 5, 2009

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I found this article.

In 7th July, all of the MacDonald shops are turning off lights for an hour in Japan.

There are about 33000 MacDonald shops in Japan and each shops are turning off lights of signboard

 in outside and inside in that day.


These days, “eco” activities have been active.

 A lot of “eco” commercials are advertised in TV and also it is featured in many TV programs.

These advertisement usually suggest that we have to care about the global environment

and recommend us to recycle for global warming.

 I agree with this idea, our individual activity for “eco”  is needed to stop global warming

but I think company’s cooperation really needed.

 Japanese government sets the standard for reducing CO2

but I don’t think they can reach that standard without cooperation of companies.

Companies discharge enormous CO2 every day especially in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, building’s lights will never turn off even night.

 After I read this article, I thought MacDonald’s attempt has big meaning for other companies.

Japanese companies should follow MacDonald’s activity.

I hope that these kind of activity will grow up and huge of CO2 will be decreased.


Tongue twister June 8, 2009

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When I was a jounior high school student, an ALT teacher teached us some tongue twister.

I forgot most of them except one.

I remember only that:

 “I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream”


Here is many toungue twister,so let’s try!

It will be good prectice to pronounce : )


Sister act June 7, 2009

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Have you seen the  movie “Sisiter act (天使にラブソングを)”?

I really love this movie.

Well, I love gospel songs more than the movie.

Here is my favorite scene.


When I listened the boy’s  singing voice,I was surprised.

His voice gave me gooseflesh!

When I was a high school student,I sang this song “Oh happy Day”

and also in junior high school,I sang onother songs in this movie.

From then, I becam to like gospel.

If  I have a chance to sing gospel I want to try!

So If  anyone know about gospel club or any infomation, plese tell me.


I want to see fireflies!

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Now,we may be able to see  fireflies in Tosayamada .

The firefly  festival is held  in Tosayamada now.

Check the information of festival ↓


I love firefly.They are so beautiful and mysterious!

They are my hearing so I really want to see them!

Shall we go to see fireflies with me? ; )


Dialect of my hometown

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Please visit this web site below and guess the meaning of  these signs.


Can you undersatnd the meaning of these signs?

These signs were witten in dialect of my hometown Hita.


I found the web site about Hita-ben(日田弁) .

If you are interested in Hita-ben , how about visiting this site?

It’s interesting: )


Have you ever met these people? June 4, 2009

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Hrere is ranking.

1 . Tottori

2. Shimane

3. Saga

4. Tokushima

5. Iwate

What do you think this ranking shows?

This ranking shows that we seldom meet the person who comes from these prefecture .


Tottori’s population is the smallest in Japan and

Shimane has smallest population next to Tottri.

So the ranking of these two prefecture is appropriate.

Although Iwate  and Kagawa have large population,

we can’t see often the person who comes from these prefecture

And also,all of prefectures in Shikoku are ranking in best 10.

It means Shikoku people are rare!

Maybe It relates to geographical problem.

I’ve met almost prefecture’s people in this ranking except Saga and Iwate and Ishikawa.

So maybe I and Kochi university’s students are lucky

 because variety of students comes from various prefecture!


Hawaiian cultures

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I found the web site about Hawaiian culture.

One of contents of this web site, there are some pages

about  Hwaiian mythology and regends.


I read one article about Hula.

Hula dance was intended to bring fertility originally.

Long time ago, no sexual intercours was allowed in Hawaii,

so Hawaiian people hoped that their fertility by Hula dance.


I like the mood of  Hwaiian and Hwaiian culture,

so I really want to go Hawaii and tyr to dance Hula!